Teeth Whitening Made Simple by Drs. Moss and Owen in Camden, South Carolina

There are over-the-counter teeth whitening products and whitening tooth pastes available at most grocery and drug stores, making whitening at home all the rage. But the American Dental Association only gives its seal of approval to professional-grade at-home teeth whitening provided by a dentist. Why? Because it’s more effective.

Drs. Moss and Owen of Camden, South Carolina can provide you with a take-home teeth whitening kit that includes a bleaching tray fitted for your teeth. Prior to whitening, we’ll make sure your teeth are healthy enough to handle bleaching. If you have any cavities or damage, we’ll need to provide you with restorative dentistry care prior to whitening. Then you take your bleaching kit home, wear the tray with the bleaching agent for a little while each day, and within a few days, your smile will lighten several shades.

We can combine teeth whitening with cosmetic dental bonding for a complete smile makeover if more problems are present. However, if you’re looking for one simple cosmetic procedure that can provide you with a whole new look, teeth whitening might just make all the difference you need.

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