Drs. Moss and Owen Work With a Team of Dental Professionals to Complete Your Smile with Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth can completely change the course of your smile. The gaps and spaces left behind by lost teeth disrupt overall oral function and cause your jaw bone to begin deteriorating. You have lots of options for tooth replacement, but only one addresses the jaw bone health issue: dental implants. Drs. Moss and Owen work closely with Northeast Oral Surgery and Implant Center to complete your dental implants procedure.

The surgeons at Northeast Oral Surgery and Implant Center in Columbia will perform the actual placement of your dental implants. There are two parts to a dental implant. A titanium post acts as a tooth root, sitting in your jaw bone and supporting the second part of your dental implant, a dental crown. Drs. Moss and Owen can provide the dental crowns once the surgical team has completed their part of the process. The entire process takes several months, but the benefits are many. Dental implants support jaw health, provide greater comfort, are long lasting, and give you a more appealing look.

For Camden, South Carolina patients interested in dental implants, Drs. Moss and Owen is the starting place. We’ll coordinate your treatment, keeping the process running smooth from beginning to end.

Bring your family to see our family. Drs. Moss and Owen provide comprehensive family dental care for residents of Camden, Bishopville, Lugoff, Elgin, and Columbia. Contact us today to discuss the future of your oral health with us.