Drs. Moss and Owen Offer Crown and Bridge for Tooth Replacement in Camden, South Carolina

Problems caused by missing teeth include:

  • Diminished self-confidence
  • Bite problems
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • The loss of other teeth

There’s no need for you to suffer with these types of problems. Drs. Moss and Owen offer Camden a number of different tooth replacement options, one of which is a crown and bridge.

The type of tooth replacement you choose depends on a number of different factors: cost, the arrangement and number of missing teeth, and your current state of oral health. A crown and bridge is ideal if you’re missing one or a few teeth in a row and would prefer a fixed option, as opposed to a partial denture, which is removable.

Imagine a row of replacement teeth made of porcelain. That’s a bridge. That bridge, which can consist of one tooth or several teeth, has a crown on either end. These crowns hold the bridge in place.

We invite you to learn more about another fixed tooth replacement option offered at our Camden dental office: dental implant restorations. Then contact us for an appointment to talk about your tooth replacement needs and how we can best serve you.

Bring your family to see our family. Drs. Moss and Owen provide comprehensive family dental care for residents of Camden, Bishopville, Lugoff, Elgin, and Columbia. Contact us today to discuss the future of your oral health with us.